What we do

The Athelney Group Ltd is a company, specialising in delivery of risk management and security solutions for the public and private sector within the policing and security sectors including both public and private organisations and businesses industry.

The company brings together expertise from the policing and security industry along with a high level of business expertise.

The company's ethos is one of improving efficiency and risk management through innovation. We have developed a range of new products to exacting standards. The use of our unique and cost effective modular Safer Detention Unit (SDU) will improve prisoner processing for volume crime prisoners leading to an increase of 79% in performance with this figure returned to extra police patrols.

The use of the SDU in the retail sector will improve safety for staff by reducing incidents of assault and abuse and return staff efficiencies by 60%. This is achieved by releasing staff back to frontline duties rapidly instead of having to guard detainees while they wait for internal or police action. The SDU will allow loss prevention and security staff to detain a suspect safely and securely while they conduct their investigations or while waiting for police to arrive. The SDU will provide similar risk management protection and efficiency gains in events and football environments.

The company also produces the Vulnerable Person Room (VPR). This unique modular design can be built to any size. There are two versions the first being designed to hold subjects who are deemed vulnerable through alcohol, drugs or mental health issues. This version has a low level bench to allow a subject to sleep or rest. We are currently developing a larger VPR to provide a secure but calm space for staff and service users where assessments under Section 136 MHA can take place. This is in partnership with Camden and Islington NHS Trust.

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