Adrian Tudway Sales Development Director

Adrian was born in Leicester and educated in Richmond upon Thames. He joined the Royal Marines in July 1979 aged 16, completing Commando training and was awarded the Kings Badge for his intake. He served in 45 Commando Group, specialising in Mountain & Arctic Warfare in North Norway. He deployed operationally to West Belfast in 1981 for the hunger strike tour and in 1982 to the South Atlantic during the Falklands War, landing in the second assault wave on red beach at Ajax Bay. He undertook the epic yomp across the Islands before taking part in the night assault on Two Sisters and on to Port Stanley.

On leaving the Royal Marines in 1985 he joined the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). He was awarded the Baton of Honour for his intake, serving initially at Hammersmith. In 1987 he joined the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), remaining a career detective until his retirement in 2014. He served as a Detective Constable at Battersea, a Detective Sergeant at Brixton, and Detective Inspector at Sutton, including central service in all ranks on a variety of high-profile major investigations. A qualified senior investigating officer (SIO), in 2001 he moved to New Scotland Yard, heading a small unit within the Covert Operations Group undertaking high-risk covert operations nationally and internationally.

Promoted to Detective Chief Inspector in 2004, he worked on specialist intelligence and proactive kidnap and hostage-rescue operations before joining the Counter Terrorism Command (CT) where he led high profile, pro-active operations in the UK and abroad against terrorist networks as an SIO. Additionally, as an experienced hostage negotiator, he worked on over 50 kidnap operations between 2002 and 2013, deploying in the UK and internationally to Iraq, Afghanistan and the Syrian border. Promoted to Detective Superintendent in 2008, he led nationally on CT forensics, international CT training on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and was also Deputy Head of terrorist investigations branch.

Promoted to Detective Chief Superintendent in 2010 and appointed National Coordinator for Domestic Extremism, he led and coordinated investigations nationally and internationally, preparing the UK for the 2012 Olympic Games. In 2012 he was seconded to the Home Office program setting up the National Crime Agency, remaining within the Office for Security & Counter terrorism as the senior Subject Matter Expert for covert intelligence to help build a new national intelligence network in policing. He retired in 2014, having been formally commended on 15 occasions.

He was appointed Head of Operations for Crimestoppers Trust, a national charity, in 2014, before appointment as Senior Investigator to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman from Feb 2017 to June 2018 when operations moved to Manchester. 

Adrian is the Business Development Director for Athelney Group and also an independent security consultant. Married to Diane, he has a son, daughter and step-daughter, granddaughter and grandson. He lives in South West London and is an active member of veteran’s charities supporting former Royal Marines and Police Pensioners. He credits his success in life to living the ‘Commando Values’ and by always remaining ‘cheerful in adversity'.