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Safer Detention Unit (SDU) Information

The overall cost of retail crime has remained constant at £1.6 billion pa[1]

  • The retail sector as a whole suffers 2.5 million shoplifting incidents each year involving around £200 million worth of goods. Employees are responsible for over 34,000 crime each year.
  • Customer thefts are the most common retail crime (83 per cent of all incidents)
  • Shoplifters are often taken to an office in the store where a myriad of potential weapons and threats exist for a suspect who turns violent can use on staff.
  • Police can then take a number of hours to attend placing your staff at risk and often requiring 3 staff to manage the process and provide security of the subject.

The Safer Detention Unit - the Safer Solution

  • The Safer Detention UnitAn SDU is a small holding cell equipped with climate control, CCTV, audio and an intercom. It is designed to hold suspects for up to 6 hours in a police environment and can be used to hold subjects in a store or shopping centre until police arrival.
  • The use of the SDU will release security staff back to their core roles immediately. The loss prevention officer can complete their paperwork in safety while the suspect waits in a secure and safe SDU.
  • The SDU is a flat packed modular construction format that can be installed easily in existing space within a security office or other area of a store.
  • The SDU meets Home office guidelines for ‘Safer Custody’ and has been tested for escape by public order officers, for customer experience by repeat offenders and for meeting needs of prisoners with religious requirements.
  • The SDU can be installed into existing space due to it’s patented modular/flat pack design.
  • The SDU is Human Rights Compliant in that it is Proportionate, Legal, Accountable and Necessary.
  • By installing the SDU businesses will become more efficient and effective with dealing with those detained from crime on their premises. The impact could be even more effective against staff theft.
  • The SDU is a cost efficient solution for business for to improve staff safety and management of risk. Confrontations are prevented and abusive behaviour recorded.
  • With local agreements police could process many subjects on site leading to swifter justice and increased deterrent.

The financial case justification for installation of the SDU is a 12 month efficiency RTO


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