Police Use

Safer Detention Unit (SDU) Information

The Safer Detention Unit of SDU is simply a short term holding cubicle with a range of uses for the police.

Such uses are:

  • Pre-custody short term holding until the custody suite can be accessed. Positioned in the yard of a custody suite, releasing vehicles and officers back to patrol immediately.
  • Installed into custody the SDU can be used as a private consultation booth for suspects and legal representatives
  • Installed into custody suites the SDU can be used as a PACE review booth
  • An SDU can be installed into any space in only 40 minutes and could be used in public order or event scenarios
  • The SDU is a low cost, modular, ligature free, safe and secure holding space that protects officers and suspects alike.

The Safer Detention Unit - the Safer Solution

  • An SDU is a small holding cell equipped with climate control, CCTV, audio and an intercom. It is designed to hold suspects for up to 6 hours in a police environment.
  • The SDU could be installed in shared locations such as shops, retail centres, neighbourhood police bases or existing police buildings.
  • Separating out minor crime prisoners from those with investigation or personal needs will reduce detention times by approximately 4.5 hours.
  • A force processing only 5,000 prisoners through use of SDUs will gain 22,500 hours of extra patrol time.
  • The SDU can be installed in existing police stations/custody suites to manage minor crime prisoners, bail to returns and drink drive suspects thus increasing capacity at low cost and improving efficiency.
  • The SDU meets Home office guidelines for ‘Safer Custody’ and has been tested for escape by public order officers, for customer experience by repeat offenders and for meeting needs of prisoners with religious requirements.Essex Police using the SDU
  • The SDU can be installed into existing space due to its patented modular/flat pack design.
  • The SDU is Human Rights Compliant in that it is Proportionate, Legal, Accountable and Necessary. It improves police efficiency and reduces suspect’s detention time.
  • By installing the SDU police will become more efficient and effective with dealing with minor crime prisoners. The impact could be even more effective against staff theft.
  • Short Term Holding Facilities could be built in retail centres for shared use by security staff and police. The retailers bearing the cost for improved efficiency for both parties.

The financial case justification for installation of the SDU is a 3 month efficiency RTO