Events Use

The event market is growing in the UK and across Europe.

Glastonbury arrests annually range between 120 and 177 arrests over the last 5 years. There is no publically available information on the number of additional detentions and ejectments for each event.

The majority of arrests at music events are for drunkenness, low level public order, theft, pick pocketing and drugs possession. All of these prisoners would be suitable for holding in the SDU while their cases are investigated, their identities confirmed and a prosecution or bail decision taken.

Crime is on the increase at festivals - Europol reports that organised teams of thieves and pickpockets are now targeting festivals stealing property, mobile phones and pickpocketing. In Manchester a moan was arrested with 44 stolen mobile phones down his trousers at a music event and in January 2016 a man was arrested at an event with 33 mobile phones secreted in his trousers.

The SDU is the ideal solution to the management of suspects’ at large music events. With the ability to construct the SDU in under an hour event security and the police can have secure and safe detention facilities on site.

The SDU can be constructed on site and broken down at the conclusion of the event or it can be left in situ for other events at the site across the event season. It can also be used as both as a temporary holding facility, pending movement to an existing custody facility if the crime merits extended investigation. The suspect is held safe and secure while security staff or police officers return to their patrol and reassurance duty. Abstractions of staff from the site are kept to a minimum. The more efficient use of staff could allow police to reduce the resources deployed on the event thus allow forces to keep their staff in their communities.

The Athelney Group are able to offer lease and rental options for the police or event organisers.

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