Encrypted Intelligence Systems

The Athelney Intelligence System or Athelney Intel is to be a highly secure, internet based system that can work with any type of mobile communication device.

Athelney Intelligence System is a scalable solution that can be used within small or large retailers and within any size of community.  It can be scaled to manage a large town centre environment combining retailers, shopping centres and high streets or it can be used in a branch environment to manage retail crime nationally.  Because the system is internet based no client install is necessary.

Athelney Intelligence System fulfils the following requirements:-

  • Generation of information alerts
  • Logging of Incidents
  • Suspect Searching and History sheets
  • Running Statistics and updates of known offenders
  • Live Incident mapping
  • Full Reporting and management
  • Floor Mapping for Larger retailers
  • Tracking of stock loss and therefore profit loss
  • Custom Form management
  • Automatic civil recovery and management
  • Automatic statement generation
  • Generation of Community News and Forums
  • Electoral Role, Post Office and Address Checking facility

The amount of information required by each retailer will differ depending on factors such as size of store, number of staff handling security and whether they have a central security control system dedicated for security.  Because of this Athelney Intelligence System can be used in a number of ways depending on the environment it is deployed in.

Within specific areas and retail centres, it is common place that a management company oversees the estate and provides visible security, CCTV coverage as well as signing the site up for Safe shopping schemes in an attempt to reduce criminal activity.  Athelney Group offers a Athelney Intelligence System Console Server to enable management companies to offer a service to their individual retail clients in the reporting and management of crime and the dissemination of data. This data is specific to each area, but would include:-

  • Generation of Text and Graphical Alerts
  • Accurate Suspect Identification
  • Photographic images of frequent offenders
  • Tracking and reporting of different types of crime
  • The Management and Reporting of police call-outs

Athelney Intel Gold has the capability to generate statements for the police, store banning notices and civil cost recovery letters. Users will be able to recover costs from offenders when partnered with a reliable Civil Cost Recovery partner.

Athelney Intelligence System is a highly secure system that will provide clients with a tool to reduce the level of shop and street crime within its community, and enhance the areas reputation as a premier shopping environment.