The Athelney Group Safer Detention Unit

The Athelney Group are the designers and manufacturers of a unique flat pack vandal proof and ligature free safe and secure room solution for the law enforcement sector. Our solutions are applicable to all sectors that detain and hold individuals according to the law.

All sectors are facing a rise in criminal acts while managing reducing resources.

The safe detention and holding of those suspected of illegal entry and other crimes is costly and resource intensive. New building programmes are restricted by scale and costs due to financial restraint. Our products are high quality, escape proof and vandal proof. They provide safety for staff and detainees and are low cost.

Our Safer Detention Units and Vulnerable Person Units can easily be installed at ports and airports at low cost using redundant or existing space to increase or improve capacity.

Our product aims are:

  • To examine the options of improving efficiency of detention processing to reduce both financial costs and opportunity costs
  • To reduce costs by use of the Athelney Group ‘Safer Detention Unit’ allowing crime prisoners to be processed safely on site
  • To examine the opportunities to reduce the overall costs for police, law enforcement, borders and private security

Short Term Holding Cells are an approved concept with UK Police Forces

What does Athelney Group offer?

  • A low cost detention solution that provides safe and secure holding of suspects allowing a significant proportion to be managed on site.
  • A moveable solution that would assist in summer demand peaks.
  • Immigration and security staff would remain on site for more effective use of resources.
  • The solution could lead to a reduction to the number of staff needed to secure detained suspects,
  • The solution would lead to a reduction in overtime and transport.

There is a potential if the Athelney Group solution were to be used  significant savings (£m) could be made in the future.

  • Police stations
  • Retail centres
  • Football stadiums
  • Sea ports
  • Airports
  • Calais
  • Eurotunnel
  • Eurostar terminals
  • Lunar House, and other ICE Team locations

Safe and Secure for detainees and staff

  • Flat Pack modular construction
  • Built to any size
  • Comes with integrated lighting, CCTV & Audio for monitoring and recording and air circulation
  • Can be installed within existing space or on any site
  • DDA and Human Rights compliant
  • Secure and safe for police and detainee
  • The SDU is ligature free and complies with College of Policing standards
  • Detainee waits in a secure environment with comfort
  • Processing detainees on site reduces costs and returns officers quickly for duty